Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Minimum Investment

Selling from an online store represents a significant saving compared to the monthly costs of a conventional store such as: furniture and equipment, space rental, personnel payments, cost of electricity, etc.

Sell Any Type of Product

It is possible to sell almost any product using the model of Sale of Physical Products, Dropshipping, Affiliate Links or a combination of them.


Anyone can manage the website to add and edit content. No technical knowledge is required. The WordPress admin panel is very friendly and easy to use.

Dropshipping Store

Integrated with the plugins to import products to your dropshipping store: DropshipMe and WP Amazon Shop that allow you to sell products without having to store or manipulate them.

Affiliate Marketing

You can sell products with Affiliate links from anywhere in the world. You can create a free Amazon affiliate account BY CLICK HERE. Others important platforms to sell products are: COMMISSION JUNCTION (to create a free account CLICK HERE), and SHARE ASALE (to create a free account CLICK HERE).

Sale of Physical Products

And of course you can also sell physical products by implementing your own payment and delivery methods.

Greater Savings and Freedom Compared to Shopify

In Shopify stores you must pay a membership each month of at least $ 29 (USD); which means $ 348 (USD) in 1 year; in addition to the transaction fees and commissions charged for each sale.



Some important recommendations:

  • For those with a minimum budget, they can sell through Facebook’s Market Place. From the account you will find the icon of a store in the upper menu. Publish free products and articles with descriptions and images of what you want to sell with reference to your website. The more products you publish, the greater the diffusion it will have. Enter Facebook Market Place HERE.
  • Invest in paid Facebook advertising to reach a target audience based on interests and specific geographic areas with better results.
  • Create a free account in Google My Business, entering your website information; products, images, descriptions, offers, links to the products. It will show you in the Google search results, in the images section and Google Map through the keywords associated with your business. You can create a free account BY CLICK HERE.
  • Carrying out paid advertising campaigns on Google and appearing in the first search results. Using your Gmail account you can access GOOGLE ADS BY CLICKING HERE.
  • Post products on EBAY and link them to your website or the product’s sale page. You can open a free EBAY account BY CLICKING HERE.
  • Take the model of a store that sells the same product successfully. Replicate the channels you use to sell; the strategies or campaigns used.
  • Give added value to the same product as that of the competition. You can find more information about it for entrepreneurs and website builders from my Blog at WEBCOMPLETA.COM/BLOG
  • Dropshipping is similar to a conventional store of physical products:
  • Prices must be established, purchase orders are received and products dispatched so that they reach buyers
  • The Store Manager establishes the profit margin based on the final price that he establishes for the product.
  • The purchase is made from the website and is displayed with the images and characteristics of the original supplier.
  • It is not necessary to manipulate the products, store them or have a physical stock.

This is how the payment process will work if you use Dropshipping for Amazon products:

1. Import products from Amazon to your website.
2. Add a drop shipping cost to products imported from Amazon.
3. A customer places an order for a product in your online store.
4. Manually forward the order and customer details to the drop shipping provider (order products on Amazon).
5. The dropshipping provider (Amazon) packages and ships the order directly to the Customer on their behalf.
6. You get a markup on the final Dropshipping price!
Important! Some products may have additional shipping costs, so keep that in mind as well.


The affiliate link model

  • The prices are established by the supplier.
  • When a customer makes a purchase, he is redirected to the supplier’s page so it is not necessary to process purchase orders or dispatch orders to buyers.
  • The profit margin is a fixed percentage established by the provider. Depending on the type of product, this margin can range from 5% to 40%, 50% or more in some cases.
  • Each product has a link with the affiliate code; in this way you can follow up until the purchase.
  • Unlimited products can be displayed from many affiliate platforms such as Amazon, Commission Junction or Share Asale.

The process for Affiliate links:

1.Add products to your website from the affiliate platform.
2.The buyer comes to your site and clicks on the product.
3. The buyer is redirected to the product provider page via the affiliate link.
4.The buyer gets the product and the affiliate receives a percentage of profit on the purchase that is posted to their account.

According to your type of business, you can establish Dropshipping, Affiliate Links, the sale of tangible products or some combination of them.

Own Products

This is another way to monetize a website. Showing our initiative with our own products and services that we develop as professionals or entrepreneurs. There is no limit to what we can offer here.


Each affiliate or Dropshipping platform establishes the minimum withdrawal amounts that can be from $ 50 (USD) to $ 100 (USD). Once the minimum amount is met, you can transfer this money to a bank account or bank associated with local ATMs.

The Main Forms of Payment are:

Try the Total E-Commerce Plan

for 7 Days Only $ 0.99

  • Hosting: 7 days
  • Disk space: 3 GB
  • Monthly bandwidth: 3 GB
  • WordPress Account
  • Themes Multipurpose with more than 256 Layout Packs and tools to create dynamic and impressive websites
  • 7 days of support with getting started guide, video tutorials, documentation, frequently asked questions and specific queries to customize and modify the content of the theme.
  • Store and online shopping cart enabled.
  • The DropshipMe plugin. This plugin allows you to import up to 50 products from different categories from Ali Express. One of the largest providers of Dropshipping stores.
  • The WP Amazon Shop plugin. This plugin allows you to import more products from the Amazon store to the Dropshipping stores.
  • The WooZone 13.2.0 plugin. Best WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate Plugin on the Market!
  • And more…

The Following are Resources and Tools that you can add from your Website Manager

Playing Music

Price Table





Call to action


Contact Form

Regressive Counter

Circular Counter

Sliding Images


Social Share



Portfolio, Image Gallery and More

The Plan Includes all of the Layout Packs below































And More Layout Packs

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